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Thai Kratom Buyers Guide

Thai Kratom has for a long time been a choice for millions of Kratom enthusiasts across the world. This unique strain is now available in all local and online Kratom suppliers across the United States. Unfortunately, many people are still in the dark when it comes to getting the real Kratom out there. However, according to seasoned Kratom enthusiasts, this strain is believed to be the Kratom of all Kratoms.

thai kratom

Kratomcrack.com notes the popularity of Thai Kratom and says that it is quite influential in the lives of the people. The question is, why is this strain still the best? Could all those positive reviews and all those people out there talking about this strain be wrong? Here is a comprehensive Thai Kratom buyers guide and who knows, it could be the strain you’ve been looking for this entire time.

Thai Kratom varieties available in the market

Most of us are familiar with the three main categories of Kratom; the red, white and green Kratom strains. As such, you will not be surprised to find red Thai, white Thai and green Thai Kratom in the market. Besides, there are also the yellow and gold Thai Kratom strains, one of the things that is said to make this strain unique.

Thai kratom strain is obtained from the jungles of Thailand and Malaysia where it’s said to grow naturally. Furthermore, due to the long history of Kratom in Southeast Asia, farmers do everything to ensure this strain is pure and highly potent. Thus, only the best leaves of Kratom Thai are plucked for processing. The following are Thai Kratom strains available in the market.

1. White Thai Kratom

White Thai is one of the most popular variants of Thai Kratom. It is so-called since it has white veins on the leaves. White vein Thai Kratom is believed to be one of the best-selling Kratom strains with some people believing that it’s probably the best white vein Kratom today.

Stories of how soothing and moderate the effects of this strain are have been increasing day by day. According to those experienced with Kratom, white vein Thai supposedly has a unique aroma that separates it from other strains. Some famous online platforms have described white vein Kratom effects as fulfilling and wholesome.

White Thai Effects

• Stimulant 

According to esnobtanicals.com, white Thai is said to be the most stimulating compared to all other kratom strains

• Mood and confidence 

Millions of kratom enthusiasts say that the strain enhances mood and inspires confidence which is believed to be the result of its stimulatory effect 

• Mental focus and alertness 

Monkeyropepress.com describes white Thai kratom as having the capacity to improve mental focus hence could be an excellent way to start your day

• Energy boost 

Although not as effective as red Thai for energy boost, white vein Thai is said to be slightly energizing due to the moderate content of alkaloids

2. Red Thai Kratom

There is no talk of Thai Kratom that can possibly end without the mention of red Thai. This is arguably the most popular Kratom strain right now. It’s processed from red-veined leaves of Thai Kratom thus named red Thai. Scientific research on the chemical composition of red Thai suggests that Mitragynine (the active ingredient in Kratom) comprises about 46% of the total alkaloids. This is believed to be the reason it’s possibly the most potent strain.

According to kratomspot.com, soil conditions and the climate of Thailand and Malaysia where this strain thrives are responsible for the high potency. Most Kratom enthusiasts admit openly on websites such as Reddit that red Thai Kratom is the best value for your money. 

What makes red Thai the most popular of all strains?

Red Thai is a fast-selling strain and there must be a reason for the massive following. Is there something that makes this strain different from others? Well, most Kratom experts agree that the strain is by far one of best-priced Kratom not to mention the top-notch quality everyone seems to talk about.

Esnobotanicals.com claims that red Thai is a very strong strain due to its high potency. And other Kratom enthusiasts describe it as having a strong pleasant aroma that you would not find with other strains. Everybody loves high-quality, well-packaged products and this strain is thought to be the best. Nevertheless, red Thai Kratom effects are the center of attention for most people.

Red Thai Kratom effects

• Boosts body energy 

According to kratomspot.com, red vein Thai is an excellent choice for a busy lifestyle as it is said to keep off feelings of fatigue hence could have a positive influence on your productivity

• Pain relief

Red Thai is said to be the best when it comes to kratom for pain relief according to esnobotanicals.com. It is believed to be strong due to a high concentration of alkaloids in the leaves

• Mood boost 

Most Kratom enthusiasts report a balanced mood that invigorates and cause relaxation. However, most people argue that the strain is very potent and if not handled properly, overstimulation may occur rather than boosting the mood

• Induce sleep 

Based on several Kratom reviews, a large number of people say that due to the effects of this strain, they have been able to find sleep and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed

3. Green Thai Kratom

This variant of Thai Kratom has green veins on the leaves hence the name green Thai Kratom. Most of the green-veined enthusiasts find it a better alternative to other strains.

According to experienced Kratom fans, the strain balances the effect of the red and white Thai strains. If you are looking forward to joining the Kratom family, this strain is believed to be an excellent starting point.

Due to its moderate level of Mitragynine, it’s said to be of moderate potency which makes it a choice for many. Green Thai Kratom has for many years been described by the online community as having a unique experience. 

Why is green Thai Unique?

While it may not be considered as the most potent strain, green Thai has some attributes that make it unique. For instance, most people believe it the cleanest product you can find in the market.

For one, it’s obtained in natural habitats growing without the need for chemicals for boosting growth. This means that it’s free from chemical contaminants and believed to be 100% pure. Unlike most other strains, green Thai is sold at affordable prices without compromising the quality. One outstanding feature almost everybody praises the strain for is several purported effects.

Green Thai Kratom effects

• Energy boost 

Green Thai is believed to increase energy and hence improve overall productivity. According to esnobotanicals.com, it is the best strain as regards energy boost with long-lasting endurance

• Focus

According to kratomspot.com, green Thai Kratom has an excellent aroma that stimulates focus and concentration of the mind

• Anxiety relief 

Green Thai has been praised by many as euphoric and mood-boosting. The effects are said to help keep anxiety at bay. With the green Thai, people have reported improved lives free from anxiety

• Pain relief 

kratommate.com suggests that green Thai has pain-relieving properties though not as much as the red strain

• Calming

The strain is said to be the most calming and soothing and its relaxation cannot match that of any other

4. Gold Thai Kratom

Gold Thai is another popular variant of Thai Kratom. Since there is no gold vein Kratom strain, you may be wondering where this strain comes from. This strain is obtained from the red strains which have undergone an extended drying period.

They are dried in the sun for a while and then transferred indoors for further drying. The unique drying technique results in a golden hue hence, the name gold Kratom. According to Kratom reviews, it is believed to contain high levels of Mitragynine hence very potent.

How is gold Thai different from other strains?

Gold Kratom is different from other strains not only in its color but also in several other aspects. For instance, some Kratom fans believe that the strain may be more potent than red Thai since it is specially processed to enhance potency.

The strain has been said to have an excellent aroma and unique taste that is presumably unmistakable from other strains. Gold Thai has been praised for several effects that are said to offer one of the most pleasing sensations. 

Gold Thai Kratom effects

• Energy boost 

kratomcrazy.com claims that gold Thai could stave off fatigue with a consequent energy boost that is said to keep you active for most of the times

• Boosts mood and increase concentration 

According to kratomcrazy.com, there have been reports of increased concentration and balanced mood from countless Kratom fans

• Anxiety relief 

When anxiety has a negative influence, gold Thai kratom followers say that anxiety is no longer a problem if you have this strain

• Confidence boost 

According to the kratom community, gold Thai boosts your confidence and motivation

5. Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom is obtained from white Kratom. The leaves are dried in the same way as gold Thai, but they are taken through a fermentation stage that makes it develop a yellow hue.

Although it is considered to be slightly higher in potency than the white vein Thai, it is said to be a balance of the white and red Thai Kratom strains effects. In recent years, this strain has gained much popularity, especially in the US.

According to seasoned Kratom enthusiasts, yellow Kratom is said to be associated with tranquility and alertness that is rare in other strains. Seasoned kratom enthusiasts talk of the strain as having a unique experience. 

Why is yellow Thai a popular Kratom strain?

Although this strain has an appealing color, this does not seem to be the main reason why it is so popular. There are reports that this is the strain that has a unique aroma due to the fermentation process.

Since it is produced from white Thai, the strain is said to have an excellent alkaloid profile. As such, its effects are believed to be very moderate and hence loved by many people. Even though the prices of this strain are surprisingly lower than most strain, it is said to be the best quality Kratom you can find out there.

Furthermore, this strain has been said to have far-reaching and most sustained effects when compared to several other strains. 

Yellow Thai Kratom effects

• Increased energy 

Some Kratom websites such as kratomhelps.org say that yellow Thai is an energy booster better than white Thai as the unique drying technique improves its potency

• Mood and confidence boost 

According to Kratom reviews, reports of improved mood and confidence have been associated with yellow Thai. The notion is that this strain has an excellent alkaloid profile that is said to elicit a calm and relaxed state 

• Induce sleep 

Having problems finding sleep? Yellow Thai kratom is said to help induce sleep as it’s believed to be slightly sedating compared with other strains 

Thai Kratom dosage

Although Thai Kratom is undoubtedly one of the most popular strains, determining the appropriate dosage remains a problem for the Kratom community. As you may be aware, people respond differently even to the same substance which makes it hard to find a dosage that suits all. Furthermore, Thai Kratom reviews show that the varied effects of Thai strains require different dosages. 

As of now, most people believe that the best way to determine an appropriate dosage is to find out on your own. Ideally, if you have never handled Kratom before, you should start with a little dose as you monitor the reaction. You could weigh another small dose if it’s necessary for you until you find the dosage that suits you.

Starting with white or yellow Thai is believed to be the best way to handle dosage issues as the reds are highly potent. Nevertheless, the following Thai Kratom dosage table is unanimously agreed in the Kratom community as safe estimates which seem to work for most people. Beyond these limits, the effects are said to go overboard and the experience may not be pleasant.

Estimated Thai kratom dosage 

Thai kratom strain Dosage 

Red Thai 2g-7g
White Thai 3g- 8g
Green Thai 3g-9g
Gold Thai 2g-8g
Yellow Thai 3g-10g

Note that these dosages are not exact but they are estimates that have been found effective by most people. For instance, someone could be ok with only 2g of red Thai when somebody else may need 7g for the same effect.

It is advisable according to most seasoned Thai Kratom fans that you follow this guideline only after you have been able to find your most appropriate dosage.

Be warned that dosages up and above the maximum estimates suggested above have been said to influence negative results. However, long time veterans may be able to handle more than that but they are better placed due to the experience they have with Thai Kratom.

Going by the adage, experience is the best teacher and once you become accustomed to Thai Kratom, dosage ceases to be a significant problem.

Bottom line

As you have seen in this Thai Kratom buyers guide, this strain is quite popular. If you have ever missed your favorite strain in the market, it is unlikely this may happen with Thai strains.

According to Thai Kratom fans, the strain is available in all forms throughout the year. Red Thai remains the most influential strain due to its excellent effects and high potency as far as Thai Kratom reviews are concerned. If you are looking forward to getting the best Kratom all the time, most people agree that Thai Kratom is one of the best choices you can make.

When it comes to disappointments that face Kratom enthusiasts, Thai Kratom is said to be a great source of hope and satisfaction. Today, millions of people buy Thai Kratom citing countless reasons why they value the strain more than others. The great experiences narrated every day can only be best analyzed by joining the masses and learning about this strain through experience.

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