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The 10 Best Teas for Energy

Like many people with busy schedules and failing to get adequate sleep at times, it would be helpful if you had an energy boost. This is possible by preparing and drinking one of the many teas with energy-giving and revitalizing properties. By taking energizing teas in the morning, you can start your day well. They can also be a great option if you are searching for an energy-boosting drink that will not keep you awake all night. The great thing about these teas is that they are a healthy choice. Apart from boosting energy, they offer other benefits like boosting immunity, providing the body with antioxidants, and improving digestion, among others. You also have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of flavors. The following are 10 of the best teas that can boost your energy:

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1. Ginger tea


ginger tea

This is a caffeine-free, reviving tea that can boost your energy. The spicy, zingy flavor is a great taste that can get you going in the morning. Ginger also has other appealing properties like increasing blood circulation and flow. This can help you get going, remain focused, and keep your energy levels high. Ginger tea also increases cognitive abilities and attention.


2. Yerba mate


Yerba mate tea is popular in Argentina and other parts of South America. The indigenous populations have consumed it for centuries. Yerba mate has some caffeine that can help in boosting alertness and focus for the day. This vitamin-packed tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee.


3. Green tea


Green tea is a classic drink popular around the world, particularly as a drink taken along with many Asian cuisines. It contains many nutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants, which help protect cells against inflammation and damage. For instance, it contains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that minimize the signs of inflammation and aging. Green tea also contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), which helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. It also helps to boost metabolism and increase alertness.


Green tea also has L-theanine, an amino acid that reduces the release and absorption of caffeine into the body. This means that you will have a sustained and slow release of caffeine to help you feel revived for a long time. This tea is also known to lower blood pressure and enhance the immune system with vitamin C.


4. Matcha


This is one of the best energy-boosting teas, and it consists of a high concentration of caffeine that almost matches that of coffee. Its caffeine content is higher than that found in green tea, but you can enjoy the energy without experiencing the effects associated with coffee. Matcha contains L-theanine, which transforms the way the body absorbs caffeine. L-theanine can also boost your attention, memory, and brain function. This energizing and stimulating tea also contributes to focus and clarity.

matcha powder


5. Kratom tea


Kratom tea is prepared using Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, containing alkaloids with stimulating and sedative effects on the body and mind. In ancient times, field workers in South East Asia chewed on Kratom leaves to increase their energy and endurance, relieve fatigue and aid their heat tolerance. When taken in small doses between one to five grams, Kratom acts as a stimulant and tends to increase energy, causing users to feel more social and alert.


The most remarkable effect of Kratom tea is awakening the senses, stimulating the mind, and invigorating the body on a cellular level. If you feel sleepy or tired, you can try drinking Kratom tea as an alternative to coffee. This beverage can transform your limp body into one that oozes with positivity and energy. Prepare it using the Kratom strains reputed for boosting energy.


6. Peppermint tea


Peppermint tea can provide you with increased focus and energy without caffeine. It has a strong minty, refreshing and tingly flavor which helps revive the body from fatigue and increases focus. This tea can also enhance your mood. You can start your day with positivity if you drink it in the morning. Peppermint tea can also improve memory function, meaning that it could be the ideal companion to enhance your performance at work.


7. Black tea


Black tea is popular in many households around the world. It offers benefits like boosting alertness and reducing the risk of heart disease. Black tea is highly caffeinated and therefore provides potent energy-giving properties of teas. This is because it takes the longest time to ferment the tea leaves to produce black tea. You can enjoy it as regular black tea or blend it with other herbs or plants to create variant flavors like Chai or Earl Grey. Like Guayusa and Yerba Mate, black tea is also rich in antioxidants that can enhance overall health and minimize cell damage from free radicals. You can choose from many different varieties of black tea.


8. Pu-erh Tea


This strong tea comes from China’s Pu-erh region and is a partially fermented black tea rich in caffeine. It contains half the caffeine content of coffee and resembles coffee. Pu-erh tea brews into a red/dark black color with a strong flavor, and you can also add some milk to it. It is an aged tea, and this process minimizes the tannins and provides the tea with a velvety, smooth finish.


 9. Guayusa tea

guayusa leaf


Guayusa is an herb from the holly tree that naturally grows in parts of Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. The tea has a rich history immersed in the Amazon culture for over 2,000 years and is well known for being rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It contains about the same caffeine content as coffee. However, it does not cause the jitters that coffee causes at times. This in part is due to the harmonious balance of antioxidants, caffeine, amino acids, and vitamins that Guayusa contains. Guayusa tea is best suited for people who are not that sensitive to caffeine or for drinking in the morning. Guayusa tea is ideal for anyone seeking a sustainable and balanced energy source.


10. Astragalus Tea


Research shows that Astragalus tea can provide the body with sustainable energy. It minimizes fatigue and can enhance performance and longevity in the long term. With its anti-aging properties and immune-boosting health benefits, it is not surprising that Chinese medicine has used Astragalus for centuries. Guayusa tea contains many active compounds like antioxidants that reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.




These are the top ten teas for boosting energy. Therefore, if you are thinking about drinking an alternative beverage to coffee, energizing teas are the answer. Apart from increasing energy, tea offers many other health benefits. Tea can be a healthful and tasty way to get the boost you need to remain productive throughout the day.

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