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The Complete Guide to JongKong Kratom 2022

With the growing popularity of Kratom, suppliers usually find it necessary to introduce new strains into the market. Recently, they introduced JongKong Kratom. The strain originates from Indonesia. Its growing demand motivates Kratom farmers in that region to try new areas to cultivate it. They hope to see qualities that stand out in Kratom plants cultivated in different kinds of soil in a region with the same climate.

Why are there several new Kratom strains?

As science progresses, we continue to learn the natural benefits of several natural products. Scientists study these substances into detail and discuss their impact on human lives.

Kratom farmers in Indonesia continue striving to come up with new blends and strains. They aim to provide unique kinds of Kratom. They hope it might help more people experience the effects they desire from a specific strain.

In the United States, this may be the age of Kratom supplements. People use them as an alternative to anti-inflammatory products and opioids.

Kratom's status in the country shows that there is little or no research on all strains. What we know about the product is through our experience and that of other users.

The experiences determine whether other consumers try a specific strain. Some Kratom strains induce euphoria, while others are energizing.

The reason manufacturers and suppliers come up with new strains is to meet the user's demands. For instance, a user may want a strain that can reduce fatigue but is not a sedative. Another consumer may look for a sedative but not a painkiller. Both consumers do not want to take one type of product but want to enjoy its benefits using the same dose.

All new strains of Kratom have various impacts and attributes on users. However, it can be difficult for one to understand them all by combining their information. Users have to try multiple types of Kratom to know what they offer.

About JongKong forests

The climate and most soil in JongKong forests in Indonesia is favorable for growing Kratom. They contribute significantly to making Kratom rich and potent. Most people call the Kratom plants that grow in this area JongKong Kratom for simplicity. The strain has a unique aroma and effects.

Traditional doctors in the region used Kratom for medicinal purposes for many years. The tropical weather brings about several qualities in Kratom. The JongKong strain is rich and people have used it to relieve pain and increase energy.

The soil in the region plays a significant role in the plant's potency. Forest Jongkong Kratom is exceptional because of its origin. It is among the sought after Kratom strains because of its effects on users. Many online vendors have stocked JongKong Kratom due to its rising demand. Like any other Kratom strain, JongKong Kratom is available in red, white, and green vein colors.

Green vein JongKong Kratom and its effects

Green vein JongKong Kratom is dark green. It has an earthy and energizing aroma. Most consumers use it to stimulate their senses and relieve various types of pain. People with arthritis and muscular pain can benefit from using supplements that help them increase productivity, and JongKong Kratom may be ideal.

There are no regulations on the usage of Kratom. Therefore, there is minimal research on every new Kratom strain introduced in the market. Therefore, we rely on user' reviews to understand the effects of green vein Jongkong Kratom. They include:

  • Improves clarity and focus

When people consume a moderate dose of green vein Jongkong Kratom, they achieve clearness of mind. That helps them focus on their daily activities, increasing their productivity. It has an uplifting effect that makes it a popular green vein strain.


  • Relieving pain

The green vein JongKong Kratom has been used by people who have muscular pain, arthritis, internal injury, or migraines to help relieve the pain for the better part of the day. Some report feeling liberated and prepared to face the day. When pain ends, one can have an active day full of energy.

  • Enhances mood

Everyone feels low at one point in life. A dose of green vein Jongkong Kratom can work wonders. A user feels happier and in control a few minutes after consumption.

Most Kratom consumers select the green vein JongKong as supplement to use during the winter season. It uplifts their mood and keeps them energetic even after they feel lazy and sluggish because of winter blues.

Red Jongkong Kratom

The red vein Jongkong Kratom is very scarce. It originates from Borneo in an isolated village in the Kalimantan Barat. The village is accessible through the Kapuas river, no wonder the scarcity of the product.

Like most red veins, red Jongkong is popularly used for its pain relieving effects. It also provides users with a state of calm and serenity. Locals have been using the strain for folk medicine and rituals.

Most red veins are soothing and not fit for consumption during the day. However, the red vein Jongkong Kratom is unique. To enjoy the Kratom strain fully, you need a smaller dose compared to other strains. It boosts energy and provides the user with the desire to face the day.

  • Relaxation and calmness

If you have stress as you go about your daily activities, the Red Vein JongKong can help you wind down by the end of the day. The strain is used to induce relaxation and help the body maintain calmness for better performance.

  • Pain relief

The red Jongkong is similar to the white, and green strains based on their effects on users. However, the red vein Jongkong Kratom is primarily used as a painkiller. Some people use it to minimize their reliance on over the counter pain relievers.


  • Induces mild euphoria

Most people consider the red vein Kratom as a milder red vein strain. That is because it offers incredible painkilling effects with no sedation. The strain is popular among users as a pain-relieving Kratom strain with slight euphoric properties.

  • Acts as an energy booster

One of the popular benefits of red vein JongKong Kratom is its energy-boosting effect. People use it to combat a tedious and stressful day. It does not affect the user's productivity or activeness.

White JongKong Kratom

The white vein JongKong Kratom is among the latest strains from JongKong area. Its popularity is growing fast due to its beneficial effects.

It is among the highest energetic strains that come in handy when one is drained. JongKong Kratom users recommend consuming the product in the morning or any time when one feels fatigued. It is dynamic but lacks the painkilling and analgesic properties in red and green varieties. Its effects include:

  • Energy and stimulation

White vein JongKong Kratom is famous for the energy it provides. You can even take it in place of coffee because of the stimulation it offers.

In addition, users experience a smooth flow of energy with no jittery effect that caffeine or other stimulants produce. The white vein JongKong has a unique balance of active and analgesic alkaloids that bring about lasting results.


  • Anti-depressant effects

We need more research about this aspect. However, many people use it to uplift their mood, so that they can complete several tasks. There is inadequate evidence to conclude that it is helpful for depression.

  • Nootropic effects

Similar to the anti-depressant effect, we require more research to have a comprehensive report. However, several people report feeling an increase in their cognitive abilities after taking white vein JongKong Kratom.

Some users say that they experience increased focus while others state that it boosts their memory recall. You can mix the white vein JongKong with other Kratom varieties, such as the red JongKong Kratom strain to enjoy optimal benefits. The nootropic effect can be traced back to the smooth balance of analgesic and energetic effects of this strain.

JongKong Kratom is a new strain in the herbal market. Therefore, there is little information about the strain. The lack of knowledge is the reason we are using consumer reviews.

JongKong capsules and powder

The JongKong Kratom is available in both capsules and powder form. Most people prefer Kratom capsules since they are handier to carry. Some prefer the pills since they do not have to go through the troubles of measuring the accurate dosage. Most JongKong Kratom users claim that it is easier to swallow the product in capsules since they do not have to worry about the product's bitter taste.

The downside of JongKong Kratom capsules is their cost. They are more expensive than Kratom powder. In addition, the content of each pill is only 0.5 grams. That means one has to consume more pills to achieve the desired effects.

JongKong Kratom in powder form can be challenging to consume. However, you can mask its taste in various ways. It is best to evaluate the different methods to choose the one that works best for you.

  • Mixing with fruit juice

If the bitter taste of JongKong Kratom is not appealing to you, use fruit juices such as apple, cranberry, or orange juice to dilute its flavor. Add 250ml of juice to your dosage, mix it thoroughly, and enjoy it.

  • Toss and wash

If you like things done fast, then this method is ideal for you. Take your JongKong dose of Kratom powder and place it behind your throat. Wash it down your gut with a glass of water or juice. It is a quick method since you do not have to wait for the powder to dissolve in juice.

  • JongKong Kratom tea

Boil a glass of water and add enough sweetener to mask the strong flavor of the product. Dip a teabag of your choice in the sweet, warm water. Add your JongKong Kratom dose and stir thoroughly. As you enjoy your tea, keep stirring the drink to prevent Kratom powder from remaining at bottom of your glass.

Legal issues and quality

There have been various attempts to make Kratom illegal in several states in the U.S. The (FDA) Food and Drug Administration does not approve Kratom as a drug. Therefore, it has not regulated the purchase, consumption, and the use of Kratom for research. Due to a lack of regulations on Kratom supplements, wrong products have found their way into the herbal market.

Kratom is illegal in some states, and cities in the U.S. States such as Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Authorities charge persons for breaking this law with hefty fines or a jail term.

Between 2005 and 2015, the FDA recorded several deaths that resulted from the use of Kratom. The administration confiscated contaminated Kratom products. Health experts concluded that the deaths were because of the contamination. The U.S. Army also advised soldiers not to take the herbal supplement.

Therefore, before you order the product, ensure it is legal in your area. If your state has banned the product, chances are the Kratom you get from secret dealers is a bad deal.

In 2016, the (DEA) Drug Enforcement Authority removed Kratom from the Schedule one drugs list. Since then, its importation, availability, and consumption rate has been rising drastically.

The rising popularity of the product has attracted some fake vendors. They take advantage of new users or unsuspecting customers and sell them contaminated Kratom.

Where to buy JongKong Kratom

JongKong Kratom is available in smoke shops, gas stations, and in health and wellness shops. However, we advise users to buy Kratom online to reap the various benefits of online shopping. The smoke shops and gas station attendants do not provide their customers with detailed information about the product. Information is essential for Kratom users to help them achieve their goals.

In addition, the smoke shops and health and wellness shops may not have a wide range of Kratom varieties. If you are looking for a white vein, JongKong Kratom chances are you will have to walk in several shops before getting the strain. That is because retail stores only sell popular strains in that locality.

Online Kratom vendors provide their customers with detailed information to help them achieve their desires. The online shop customer care team can recommend white vein JongKong, or it's alternative if you ask for the best Kratom strain for energy and stimulation.

In addition, a reliable online vendor stocks all varieties of Kratom. That helps the user to save time and get what suits them. Other benefits include:

  • Lab-tested products

When one orders Kratom online, they are sure of quality products. Every batch of Kratom imported by an online vendor goes through several rounds of certification. This is to ensure that the product is of top-notch quality.

Retail stores get their products from unknown sources due to the intermediaries involved. They cannot provide you with any surety about their Kratom. Online stores are transparent about their manufacturers and lab test results.

  • Best for Bulk Deals

Retail stores do not stock their products in bulk because of various restrictions. However, you can get JongKong Kratom in bulk in online stores. That is because most online vendors are the manufacturers. They have a chain of reliable farmers in South-East Asia. In addition, buying your JongKong Kratom in bulk can help you save a lot because of discounts and free shipping.

Things to know when buying JongKong Kratom online

  • Avoid cheap Kratom

Kratom is not a cheap product. When you come across cheap Kratom, chances are it is of inferior quality. Its potency could be weak and inconsistent. With that, it's close to impossible to achieve your goal. You may require a more significant amount to get the desired effects. That can lead to spending more money.

  • Stay up to date

Check the latest developments in Kratom forums from time to time. You may come across news on contaminated Kratom or fake companies. Kratom is a plant that can be subjected to contamination, especially when raw.

If you come across negative reviews of a particular Kratom vendor several times, it is an indication that it is not a reliable supplier.

  • Ask the Kratom community

Talk to experienced Kratom users to get valuable insights. There are several forums dedicated to Kratom online. Join the forums to find the other Kratom enthusiasts and talk about various topics on Kratom. If you do not know where to purchase your Kratom dosage, inquire on the forum to get reputable vendors.

  • Try samples before buying Kratom in bulk

If you have a few vendors in mind, do not purchase your Kratom right away. Reputable vendors provide their customers with beginner's packs or free samples. They contain slight amounts of Kratom powder. That is enough to get a clear picture of what the vendor provides its customers.

How to identify quality JongKong Kratom

It is not possible to check or taste Kratom when purchasing it online. Consumers have to wait until they have the product. Before consuming the product, they must check its quality.

How to check the quality of Kratom

  • Texture

While assessing the quality of your Kratom, check its texture. Quality Kratom has fine grounded particles with a soft feel.

  • Color

As mentioned earlier, JongKong Kratom is available in three vein colors. However, whether green, white, or red vein, the color can persist in powder form. To judge its quality, consider the overall tone of your Kratom. If the product color is dull or tan hue, it is a sign that the Kratom is stale or old.

  • Fragrance

High-quality JongKong Kratom has a natural aroma even when processed. The product has a pungent natural smell. However, the low-quality product has a non-natural smell. The additives in contaminated or low-quality Kratom make the product’s scent different.


JongKong Kratom is a relatively new strain that has many beneficial effects. People have used it for the purpose of boosting mood, relieving pain, enhancing cognitive function, and increasing sociability. You can place JongKong Kratom in your Kratom rotation schedule to avoid building a tolerance to one particular strain.

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