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The Quality of Kratom and Why it Matters

Kratom is produced from leaves harvested in places where quality controls do not exist. Some anecdotal reports state that some Kratom processors mill the herb's leaves in open facilities with livestock. They also dry the leaves in the open air, where they get exposed to natural elements like birds, insects, and other animals. This can cause Kratom products to get contaminated with bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella.


kratom quality

Kratom products might also fail tests because of high levels of yeast, coliforms, and mold. There is also a concern about Kratom getting contaminated with heavy metals like lead.


Buying Kratom is one thing, but ascertaining the quality of Kratom you have bought to be the highest is another. It isn't a simple task trying to differentiate between low-quality and high-quality Kratom, and thus, to the untrained eye, it may be nearly impossible.


So why is this the case?


The main reason is that there are no industry-wide standards that, once followed, ensure that the Kratom produced is of high quality. No federal institution or faction is part of the government that requires lab testing for all Kratom products. They do not want to regulate the herbal extract like the plethora of beneficial substances already on the market.


Therefore, the task of ensuring that the quality of Kratom in the market is sufficient for consumer use is left solely to the people who sell the Kratom, who are also the same people who profit from the increasing popularity of the herbal extract.


The question is, is the quality of Kratom really important? Absolutely, and that answer is, in fact, an understatement of sorts. You cannot understand the importance of using the best herbal extract, and the complications you avoid by not using low-quality Kratom.


The best way to ensure that you use the best Kratom is to purchase it from a reputable online dealer, a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified marketplace. The GMP certifications are awarded by the American Kratom Association, which is in itself an organization whose raison d'etre is to make sure that Kratom stays legal and that Kratom products all over the country are safe to use.


Additionally, there are measures that you can take to ensure that the quality of Kratom is high; one of them is conducting a third-party laboratory test.


The third-party laboratory test


There are many merits to be had when it comes to having a third party conduct a lab test on the Kratom that a particular vendor is selling. The said test is always conducted before the products hit the shelf. It ascertains that the product is pure, has accuracy regarding dosage information, does not combine any unstable plant materials, and does not contain any fillers, contaminants, manufacturing products, or impurities.


lab testing

Most of the established online vendors have had a third-party test conducted on most of their products. The American Kratom Association has been trying to make sure that this is the case in all states all over the country. If this is the case, then the number of untrustworthy manufacturers in the Kratom business will be closer to zero.


Ensuring that there is accuracy in marketing and labeling


As mentioned earlier, third-party lab tests aim to ensure that the labeling that is present on a product, as well as the marketing of the said product, is as accurate as possible. Thus, the next time you purchase Kratom from your vendor, make sure that you pay specific attention to the labeling on the product that you are purchasing.


The said labeling should state things such as when the Kratom was harvested, where it is from and where it is processed, whether there was a third-party lab test conducted, and what were the results of the said test.


Price and its significance on quality


There is a myth that the higher the price of Kratom, the better quality it is. This is not always the case. A more effective metric to measure the quality is checking on the flexibility of price. A quintessential example can be seen in the products that Austin Vibes offers. We offer capsules, powder, and a plethora of other products. The flexibility in pricing of the said products is based on factors such as the size of the product and the Katom strain. This way, we make sure that we have met the needs of anyone and everyone that visits our online store.


kratom pricing

Thus, you have to be very careful when considering pricing as a measure of Kratom quality. The more potent and purer a Kratom strain or product is, the more likely it is to be costlier than other products. However, this does not mean that all high-quality Kratom products are overly expensive or that you should expect low-quality Kratom to be cheap. Quite the opposite.


The best way to get a measure of the pricing for the high-quality product or strain you are looking for is first to do a little due diligence. Browse through the catalog of GMP-certified Kratom vendors, and compare the prices of the said product between the sites. This should give you a rough idea of the price to expect.


This is so effective because the GMP vendors themselves actively endeavor not only to put out quality products but also to align their pricing so that it can meet industry standards. This is vital because the Kratom suppliers export it into the United States in raw form that may not meet modern food safety standards.


What are the effects of low-quality Kratom?


It is vital to understand that the consumption of low-quality Kratom can and does have health effects on the person using them, the severity of which is determined by the amount used and the duration used. It is as clear as day that Kratom needs to undergo some processing steps after harvesting before it is turned into the products you consume. Untrustworthy vendors sometimes use heavy metals to fasten the process, resulting in health complications.


This is where third-party testing comes into play, as it can determine any material that will cause harm to consumers.


Quality over quantity from now on


As the consumer, you are the final judge regarding quality. Additionally, you are also at risk when it comes to taking low-quality products. Thus, you have to make sure that you purchase only the best, and the way to do it is to make sure that the Kratom is packaged and labeled correctly, has undergone third-part testing, is of moderate pricing with regards to quantity and strain, and the vendor has a GMP certification from the American Kratom Association.


We at Austin Vibes meet all the listed criteria and will be more than able to make sure that you get high-quality Kratom and make sure that you know you are getting the very best. Visit our online store today, and you will be spoilt for choice, with an assurance that all the products in our catalog are safe to use.

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