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Top 5 Most Euphoric Kratom Strains

Some kratom strains are naturally more potent, and they induce intense effects. This include sedation, pain relief and euphoria. When researching any kratom product, it's always a good idea to be sure on the right kratom strain to use for the desired effects.

Euphoria is regarded as one of kratom’s higher effects. You cannot experience euphoria with random kratom strains or dosages. The two primary factors that make you experience euphoria include:

  1. The strain you take
  2. Accuracy of the dosage

The following are the top five most euphoric kratom strains you can buy to achieve that happiness and joy you've so desperately searched for:

1) Red-Veined Borneo


Red Borneo Kratom originated from Borneo island of Indonesia. It is so named that since it has red veins on the leaves and is obtained from the Borneo forest. Red Borneo Kratom has a high concentration of alkaloids. Thus, it elicits a pleasant euphoric feeling. The alkaloids are thought to stimulate the release of dopamine, the hormone responsible for euphoria. Feelings of sadness, anger, and stress could lead to a dreary day or even prevent you from engaging in fun. Sadly, there are no medical prescriptions meant for inducing happiness. Most of the time and you are forced to give in to the stress. Fortunately, the natural products obtained from Red Borneo Kratom are very effective in inducing euphoria. This Kratom strain has the highest concentration of alkaloids compared to other strains from the Borneo forest.

2) White Malay

The white strains of kratom are popularly known for the moderate manifestation of specific beneficial effects on the body. The demand for this strain has increased

WHITE malay

considerably, owing to the euphoric sensation associated with it. Kratom strains from Malaysia are highly valued, but the White Malay Kratom is what Kratom enthusiasts call a spring of joy. As far as alkaloids are concerned, this strain has the most excellent profile among white-veined kratom. There are high quantities of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine accounting for the high potency of the strain. Furthermore, White Malay Kratom is highly regarded for stabilizing mood hence causing feelings of joy. No more struggles now, with a little White Malay per day, life becomes more comfortable and much happier.

3) Red Thai

Another strain of euphoric kratom with a big following among kratom enthusiasts


is the Red Thai. The strain originated from the jungles of Thailand, where it is found growing naturally. With a high concentration of alkaloids and other compounds, this strain is associated with several beneficial effects. However, it is highly demanded for its euphoric effect. Alkaloids in this strain stimulate the production of large quantities of dopamine and serotonin hormones into the bloodstream. These hormones trigger sensations of joy, making you feel happier. Kratom enthusiasts love this euphoric kratom since the effect lasts longer compared to other strains. Red Thai Kratom is notably the best kratom for mental alertness hence inducing euphoria while stabilizing your mind. The soils and climate conditions of the jungles of Thailand are thought to be responsible for the peculiar way this strain manifests in the body. 

4) Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is another euphoric kratom from Thailand. The word Maeng Da means "pimp" in Thailand. This also means that this strain is enhanced to achieve a high


concentration of alkaloids. Almost every kratom enthusiast will tell you that this strain is among the best. Even though green-veined kratom strains are not widespread, this strain has won the hearts of many people. This strain was genetically modified to be a more potent strain with many benefits, euphoric being one of them. The mode of action responsible for euphoria is like other strains though the effect is more pronounced and lasts longer than different strains. One notable thing about this strain is that it takes a bit longer to kick in. But once the effect is on? It gives you an incredible feeling without exaggeration. Green Maeng Da stimulates the relaxation of body muscles. This can make you both happy and energetic.

5) Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam Kratom has recently become popular in the kratom world. It is sourced from the jungles of Vietnam on the banks of the Mekong River and up the mountains. This strain has been found to contain high levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine responsible for stimulation of euphoria.



If you have never come across this strain, the product has a yellow hue that differentiates it from others. Based on reviews from thousands of kratom enthusiasts, this kratom ranked among the best kratom strains for euphoria. Ever since the introduction into the US, the demand for this strain has risen steadily. There is no reason why you should be gloomy and sad with Yellow Vietnam within your reach. It is among the best euphoric kratom strains and will ensure you stay happy throughout the day. It is a highly effective euphoric kratom. Many people love this strain due to its mild taste believed to be associated with soils in Vietnam jungles.

How Does Kratom Induce Euphoria Feelings?

Kratom contains a wide range of alkaloids. Yet, only two deliver “high” feelings and euphoria. The 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine alkaloids have opiate-like properties. When consumed moderately, the alkaloids interact with brain receptors like opioids. They elicit reactions from the sympathetic nervous system. That influences the user’s emotions, mood, and body functions.

The alkaloids bind with the kappa, delta, and mu receptors inducing signal transduction. It leads to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are chemical substances in the human body. They are responsible for elevating mood, confidence, relieving pain, and making one feel euphoria.

What is the Right Kratom Dosage for Euphoria?

In general, it is not possible to know which is the right dose that works 100 percent for everyone. You cannot predict how your body can react towards the alkaloids in kratom. Some factors determine the right dosage of kratom. They include your past experience with kratom, age, weight, use of opiates, and BMI.

For these reasons, the kratom dosage for euphoria is a general approach. There are lower and upper boundaries. The right dosage for every consumer falls in between these boundaries. When taking any kratom strain for any reason, it is advisable to begin with a low dose.

This denotes anything between one and three grams. This is a good way to test if you can feel the effects of kratom or not. If you do not feel euphoric, you can increase the dose. The moderate dose that works for many people, including regular users of kratom is 4 to 6 grams. This dose brings a euphoric feeling most of the times. The feeling is intense for new users but mild for regular users.

If you increase this dose to 10 grams, you may experience sedation instead of euphoria. Consider this as a general dosage guide when using uratom for euphoria.

  • Low dose - Between 1 and 3 grams,
  • Moderate dose – Between 4 and 6 grams
  • High dose – Between 7 and 10 grams

Kratom Side Effects

Experts regard kratom unsafe when consumed in high doses. If you abuse the product, you are likely to experience various side effects. You can have trouble breathing, nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort.


Woman, Burnout, Multitasking, Face


Since the product has been in use for over a century, its use is recommended. Yet, you need to take kratom in moderation to avoid undesirable effects. Follow your supplier’s dosage instructions to enjoy the desired effects.

5 FAQS About Kratom For Euphoria

If you are in search of a botanical option to raise your mood, kratom may be the perfect option for you. Discovering the best kratom strains that create a euphoric effect can be a challenge. 

Here are the top five frequently asked questions about kratom for euphoria:

1. How Does Kratom Produce Euphoria?

Using kratom for euphoria is among one of its more popular utilization's. Research is still ongoing as scientists have yet to discover how exactly kratom works. What scientists do know is that kratom has more than 40 active compounds that combine to create its unique effects. 

2. Does Kratom Work for Anxiety?

It is believed by scientists that specific compounds found in kratom leaves intermingle with opioid receptors in the brain. Multiple studies have shown kratom use may improve the mood of some users, as well as reducing anxiety. Using kratom for pain relief was also found to be effective for some users. 

3. Can Euphoric Effects Fight Depression?

Depression is a common medical illness. It poses a negative impact on an individual’s thinking. Also, one may feel sad and lack of interest. Also, it can lead to emotional and physical issues. It is crucial to note that several layers of sadness and ill feelings affect an individual’s inner peace.


Suicide, Depression, Sad, Addiction


Strains such as Yellow Vietnam or Green Maeng Da Kratom bring about the euphoric effects. This state helps you deal with ill feelings. It gives you a chance to improve him or herself and find happiness within.


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Yet, kratom it is not a fast way of managing depression. It may work if you combine it with other therapies. This can help you speed up the healing process.

4. Why Should I Buy Kratom Online?

The fastest and easiest way to get high-quality kratom is by purchasing it online. But, before you order kratom, ensure the product is legal in your area. Kratom is illegal in many US states in America.

Other valid reasons include:

  • Most reputable online kratom vendors provide their customers with a quality product. They go the extra mile of providing proof of lab-test results. They involve third-party laboratories to conduct the tests.
  • Reliable online kratom vendors ship their customer’s orders on time. Whether kratom capsules or powder, you will receive your package at your doorstep. Some online vendors offer free shipping services.
  • If you have no idea which strain works best for you, online kratom stores offer sample packs. The samples can help you choose your favorable strain. Also, you can check the quality of the product first before buying it in bulk. 
  • Online vendors have a wide range of kratom strains. Users can order the strain of their choice. Most smoke shops and gas stations have a few strains available. That limits users from getting their ideal strain.

5. How Do I Find a Reputable Online Kratom Vendor?

Not all online kratom vendors are legitimate. Some are there to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Thus, you must choose the right vendor for a quality product at a reasonable price.


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Below are things to consider before buying kratom online:

  • Check Customer Feedback

Review previous customer’s feedback before ordering kratom. The customer feedback will give you a clear picture of what kind of vendor you are about to buy from. Besides, the feedback will help you determine the quality of the product of the vendor. 

  • Check the Vendor’s License

Licensed vendors are legit and deal with high-quality products. They are genuine, transparent, and reliable.

  • Confirm Quality

Experienced kratom users consider quality to avoid consuming contaminated products. Yet, even licensed vendors can sell expired or substandard products. Thus, request for the lab results of that batch.

  • Beware of Cheap Pricing

High-quality kratom comes at standard pricing, whether in capsules or powder form. If the product is available at a low price, it is a sign of low quality. If you bump into vendors with a low rate than the normal price range, they may not be selling a genuine product.

Buy Lab-Tested Kratom Today at Austin Vibes

Several kratom strains are available in the market today. Yet, there are specific strains best suited for certain effects. The top five most euphoric kratom strains include:

  1. Borneo
  2. Red Thai
  3. White Malay
  4. Green Maeng Da
  5. Yellow Vietnam

These kratom Strains are packed with alkaloids. They also have inherent properties that enhance the feeling of happiness. You can easily find these strains in the market, but you can also trust the products at Austin Vibes where every customer get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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