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7 Vietnam Kratom Unparalleled Facts

Over the last few years, Mitragyna speciosa, famously known as Kratom has gained popularity across the world for its tremendous recreational benefits. It has grown in Southeast Asian countries for hundreds of years, and as people from the western nations embrace this herbal plant, researchers are working day and night to discover more strains. There are many Kratom strains around, but to be honest, one particular strain that’s gaining a lot of attention of late is the Vietnam Kratom.

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    If you are hearing this strain for the first time, don’t worry because you are not alone. But, we care so much about you and because we’d like to keep you informed, this article will focus on 7 astounding facts about Vietnam Kratom.


    1. It has a pronounced aroma


    Vietnam is not popularly known for commercially growing or exporting Kratom. However, you’ll realize that Kratom trees have been growing in this country for hundreds of years. Today, the country receives Mitragyna speciosa vendors and users from all over the world, who are interested in learning the farming techniques used by local farmers. But do you know why suppliers are interested in studying how Vietnam Kratom is produced? Well, it’s because this strain has a distinctive aroma that sets it apart from other strains. According to research, the pronounced aroma that influences users to take more of it depends mainly on the farming methods as well as the tropical climate in this region.


    2. It’s grown in a unique environment


    If you’ve been reading a lot about Kratom, chances are that the available information teaches you that Kratom originates from Southeast Asian countries, and that’s it. But, Vietnam Kratom is an exceptional strain with a wealth history that dates back at least 5,000 years ago and grown in a unique environment. First things first, it’s produced and harvested by Vietnamese farmers who, for years, have perfected their farming skills and techniques to ensure that the final product is in the purest form and of superior quality.


    Again, given that the growing conditions influence the quality of Mitragyna speciosa, Vietnam Kratom is grown in a unique environment that’s different from other countries producing Kratom. According to research, Vietnam Kratom is cultivated along the banks of the famous Mekong River. The tropical climate in the country plus the rich mineral deposits which are washed down by this river create a fertile ecosystem that supports the growth of Vietnam Kratom trees.


    3. Popular for its unparalleled effects


    When looking for a strain to buy, most people judge the best based on the effects it offers. Interestingly, Vietnam has gained a massive fan base thanks to the unparalleled impacts and trust me when I say that it has the effect you are looking for. Current research states that the region where Kratom is grown influences the alkaloid profile either directly or indirectly. Thanks to appropriate elevation, river proximity, humidity, and mineral-rich local soil, Vietnam Kratom leaves have 25% higher alkaloid levels than other strains, which explains why it has robust properties. The most prominent alkaloids are Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, and Mitraphylline. Vietnam Kratom can balance the body and mind, and many users report substantial utility where general lucidity and vitality are concerned.


    4. It is tasteful


    Kratom comes with a naturally bitter taste that some users find uncomfortable. This prevents people from experiencing the better side of this magical plant just because it’s not palatable. Luckily, you don’t have a reason to give up on Kratom as Vietnam Kratom could be the herb you’ve been missing in your cabinet medicine. According to Kratom experts, this strain is sweetly scented; it’s pleasant as well as engaging and feels great on the taste buds. With this information, Vietnam Kratom powder can be used directly without having the need to mix it into food or beverages to mask the taste.


    5. Vietnam Kratom has the newest variety to the Kratom strains

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    Kratom is subdivided into different subtypes based on the color of the stem and vein on the leaves. If you ask many Kratom users, they’ll be quick to tell you the three most common Kratom variants – red, white, and green. However, as unique as it is, Vietnam has the newest addition to the Mitragyna speciosa family known as yellow Vietnam Kratom. This strain is rare but has gained instant attention across the world with a long list of loyal followers.


    Some people claim that the yellow color is not real, but the existence of the visible yellow veins on the leaves proves that it’s natural. According to some sources, the soil and climate in Vietnam are responsible for the yellow color. Other sources claim that the strain undergoes through a unique drying process that alters its alkaloid content as well as color. The yellow Vietnam Kratom is distinguished with pleasant effects on the user’s body and mind.


    6. The future of Vietnam Kratom is uncertain


    Kratom grows naturally in Southeast Asian countries, and every Kratom enthusiast expects the herb to be legal in the country where it is cultivated. However, unlike many people’s perceptions, Asian countries have diverse legal systems with some of them placing strict restrictions on the growth and/or use of Kratom. For example, Kratom is illegal in Vietnam. This piece of information is somewhat contradicting, given that this country has the perfect climate for the growth of high-quality Kratom.


    The ban on growth, usage, or both puts the future of Vietnam Kratom in jeopardy. This is because farmers may not produce it for commercial purposes due to the fear of imprisonment. Again, the ban may reduce the availability of this strain in the market. Therefore, users remain confused about whether to make Vietnam Kratom their number one herb because they don’t know whether it will be available in the future or not.


    7. Vietnam Kratom has potential side effects


    Vietnam Kratom offers tremendous benefits to the human body, but the same strain can have severe side effects, especially when taken irresponsibly. According to experts, the most common side effects are;


    • Nausea – Users report experiencing feelings of sickness, especially on the upper side of the stomach. This feeling can lead to vomiting


    • Itching of the skin – Some users experience itching on the skin, a condition that can lead to discomfort. The period in which the itching disappears varies from one user to another depending on individual immunity


    • Addiction – Vietnam Kratom is naturally not addictive. However, when used irresponsibly, it can get into the user’s system and without their knowledge result in addiction


    Bottom line


    Vietnam Kratom has naturally sweet performance that makes it an excellent strain for Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts. It is produced by experienced farmers under a conducive environment and thus has a high alkaloid profile that’s responsible for this strain’s effects. Given that the use of Vietnam Kratom is prohibited by law in Vietnam, it is easily distributed throughout the world through online stores, and you can order it at the comfort of your couch. However, before making the purchase, verify the supply by reading customer reviews and whether they test their products for purity.

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