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What is Parachuting Kratom? – How to Do It

Kratom users take the product in different ways. Some take Kratom capsules, others use the toss and wash method, while others mix it with food items like orange juice and yogurt. Some users also purchase Kratom powder and cap it themselves. In this guide, we will concentrate on a method of consuming Kratom that you might not know about, known as parachuting or bombing Kratom. 


How to parachute Kratom


Parachuting is a method that people use to take Kratom to avoid the powder’s bitter taste. It involves wrapping the product in a small piece of thin paper like rice or toilet paper. Rice paper is a translucent, fragile kind of edible paper. It is often used for oriental baking and painting. It is sold in the form of dry sheets and has to be rehydrated to make it pliable for use. Many users prefer rice paper to toilet paper. You wrap the Kratom powder in the paper and toss it into your mouth, just like you would with Kratom capsules. 

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Once the paper reaches the stomach, it quickly dissolves. This offers a punch from the Kratom, which starts to work shortly after the paper dissolves. Taking capsules can be compared loosely to parachuting since it involves using gelatin-based capsules rather than paper. Yet, gelatin capsules take longer to dissolve compared to paper. They are also costlier than loose paper.


Parachuting is popular among more experienced Kratom users who want an easy way to get a tasteless and robust Kratom dose. You can place as much Kratom powder as you want within your “parachute.” It is easier to take a lot of Kratom at once instead of making several parachutes. According to the anecdotal reports we have come across, Kratom users usually experiment with larger doses after they get experienced with parachuting. 


Steps to take when parachuting Kratom


Although it is easy to parachute Kratom, some people face hiccups when attempting it for the first few times. An example is the chute opening up before it gets to your stomach. The steps involved when parachuting Kratom include: 


Obtain your desired paper. Take a small piece of rice or toilet paper, about 1 inch in diameter, based on your dose. If you are new to taking Kratom, begin with about half a teaspoon of Kratom powder or less. You can use a paper of any size as long as you can swallow the Kratom in it. 


  1. Measure your dosage 


Measure the appropriate Kratom dose and place it in the middle of the paper. You can prepare your dose using a scale or measuring spoons. Generally, you can fit about a gram of Kratom in a small one by one-inch square.  


  1. Wrap it


Gather the paper’s edges up to a point and carefully twist them together. Twist the paper tightly so that it does not open up before it reaches your stomach. 


  1. Select your drink


Using a drink with a strong texture or flavor like chocolate milk, orange juice, or cranberry juice would be helpful. You can use any other beverage you prefer apart from alcohol

colorful drinks 

  1. Swallow 


Take a sip of the drink and hold it towards your tongue’s back. Tilt back your head and drop the rice paper containing Kratom into your mouth. Swallow the Kratom and wash it down with your drink. Consider the Kratom parachute as a large pill. 


Is it safe to parachute Kratom?


It is safe to parachute Mitragyna speciosa as long as you take some precautions. To begin with, it is not advisable to parachute Kratom on an empty stomach because it can make you nauseous. Eat something like a snack or a little food if you want to feel Kratom’s effects within a short time. 


There is a choking hazard linked with parachuting Kratom. Therefore, avoid putting too much Kratom in the paper. It is advisable to start with something about half a teaspoon. 


Is there another way of parachuting Kratom? 


If rice paper or another type of paper does not sound like the best option, you can choose to use oblate discs. These are thin, edible, and transparent films created from starch. The clear discs were first created in Japan for cooking purposes. They have branched out, and they are also utilized for medicinal purposes. 


The simplest way to use these transparent films is to lay one flat on the table, adding your Kratom dose to the middle and wrapping it up as usual. Oblate discs can seal themselves when introduced to moisture like saliva. Therefore, you can lick the edges and seal them shut, and they will stick to themselves. Oblate disks come in different sizes. Consequently, you can select appropriate discs for smaller or larger doses. 


Advantages of parachuting Kratom


There are several benefits of parachuting Kratom. They include: 


  • It is easier than capping


Many people opt to buy gel capsules and Kratom powder and cap them on. This option is more cost-effective than purchasing pre-made capsules. However, it is more complex and costlier than parachuting. It is frustrating to measure powder and tedious to fill the capsules. You can also fill just a set amount of powder into a cap. 


  • Parachuted Kratom takes effect fast


Rice paper and oblate discs can contain the powder even though they are fragile. Therefore, the sachet dissolves quickly after it is ingested, releasing the effects of Kratom into the bloodstream. 


  • It masks the flavor


Wrapping Kratom powder in edible paper prevents you from tasting Kratom’s harsh, bitter flavor. 


Things to note concerning parachuting Kratom


Some Kratom users state that when you wrap the powder in an oblate disc, you should dip the whole disc in water before parachuting it. This can help seal the disc better, but it can also melt it, causing the disc to dissolve in the water. 


You may make a bag that’s too large. Therefore, it is advisable to work your way up to the desired dose. Avoid jumping straight into trying to fit several grams of Kratom powder into an oblate disc. It may not go well. 


Avoid trying to store Kratom in oblate discs because they are not designed to preserve the contents in them. Once the discs are exposed to moisture, it starts to break the starch down. Therefore, use the discs shortly after you have wrapped them. 




Parachuting is one of the safe ways you can take Kratom. Oblate disks and rice paper are safe to consume, and they dissolve in the stomach just like other edible products do. If you have not used this method of taking Kratom in the past, begin with a small dose, and get used to it before trying larger quantities. When you get more experienced, you can know exactly how to parachute it and the right amount of Kratom powder to prevent choking. If you feel that Kratom capsules are costly, parachuting Kratom can be a great option to effectively mask its flavor. You can expect the Kratom to kick in quickly to get the desired effects

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