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Where to Buy Kratom in Denver Colorado

Denver is Colorado’s capital and is often included in the list of top five places to live in the United States. Shops, galleries, and restaurants pepper the city’s twenty diverse neighborhoods. Denver has a laid-back attitude and class exemplified in the communities and art districts surrounding downtown. 


The 16th Street Mall is downtown's heart. Shops, restaurants, and seasonal programming line this mile-long pedestrian promenade. Every ninety seconds, free shuttle buses leave the mall’s either ends. Therefore, it is easy to reach everything in downtown. 


LoDo, a hip, historic district featuring lively nightlife, is situated at the mall’s end. LoDo overflows with over two hundred bars, brew pubs, lounges, music clubs, and restaurants. The Museum of Contemporary Art is also in the neighborhood. It attracts some of the top talent in the U.S.A and offers a staggering rooftop view of the city’s skyline. Close by is the Cherry Creek Shopping District, a village in the city with about 500 shops, cafes, independent boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and cafes. 


colorado, landscape

Denver also has a music scene with great sounds from independent artists to top acts. The Red Rocks Amphitheater welcomes a new music season every summer and outdoor films each week beginning from late May to mid-August. 


For outdoor fun, you can visit Confluence Park, the heart of the city’s bike trail network. Many attractions surround it. For instance, you can ride the Platte River Trolley to the aquarium in downtown to see sharks and stingrays. 


Another popular attraction is City Park, which is the city’s largest park. It has spectacular mountain views, several lakes, flower gardens, a public golf course, and a one-mile-high jogging/hiking trail. The Denver Zoo is also located here. 


All adults within the city can buy Kratom legally from online and local vendors. Mitragyna speciosa is legal in Colorado because state laws do not categorize it as a controlled substance. However, the cities of Monument and Parker have restricted Kratom within their jurisdictions. 

It is advisable to buy Kratom from well-established online vendors. Yet, many local shops exist, and you can buy from them when in the city or when you prefer not to wait for a new shipment. You can choose from over 20 Kratom vendors in Denver. We have created a list of the top-ranked retail shops to buy Kratom. 


  1. Mile High Botanicals 


Location: 1540 S Holly Street #5


Google rating: 5.0


five stars

This is among the best places to purchase Kratom in Denver, CO. It offers over 50 strains to select from, probably the largest selection available in local shops. Mile High Botanicals has many positive reviews on Google. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. 


  1. Vitality Botanicals Kratom Supply


Location: 1111 Broadway #408


Google rating: 4.9


This Kratom store has many 5-star reviews largely because of its wide selection, excellent customer service, and high-quality Kratom. It also sells CBD therapeutic oils. Vitality Botanicals has many different products in-store, and it sources them from a family farm in Indonesia. You can find unique blends and familiar favorites at this store. 


  1. Clean Kratom Denver 


Location: 258 N Broadway


Google rating: 4.9


Clean Kratom is one of the largest Kratom vendors in Denver. It offers Kratom in tablets, capsules, powder, and extracts. The vendor provides in-store shopping and online ordering. 


  1. Broadway Smoke Shop


Location: 108 S Broadway


Google rating: 4.8


This is a family-owned, conveniently-located smoke shop. It provides locally blown glass products, hookahs, grinders, water pipes, shisha, coals, detox products, incense, and Kratom, among other products. The smoke shop states that it sells products at the most cost-effective prices in town; if it does not, it can match any price. If you want to buy Kratom at wholesale prices, you can do so at this smoke shop since it works with other vendors. The smoke shop remains open later than other shops, and this has proven to be great for its patrons. 


smoke shop
  1. Royal Pipes and Hookahs 


Location: 4857, 4857, 10890 E Dartmouth Avenue


Google rating: 4.8


This Kratom shop has many things to provide its customers. The staff at Royal Pipes is friendly and offers outstanding customer service. Apart from Kratom, the shop provides CBD, pipes, hookah, and vape supplies, among other products. 


  1. Quality Pipes and Tobacco


Location: 1842 S Parker Rd Unit 19


Google rating: 4.8


This smoke shop has a cult following. Customers consider it to be Denver’s premier smoke shop. Quality Pipes and Tobacco sells high-quality Kratom, glass products, hookah, CBD, tobacco products, and vape supplies. 


  1. Denver Vape Pipe and Tobacco


Location: 1014 S Federal Blvd


Google rating: 4.7


This store sells many products, including Kratom, vape supplies, grinders, tobacco products, pipes, bongs, scales, and nectar collectors. It sells high-quality products, and its staff is well-informed. Customers recommend it to others searching for high-quality Kratom. 


  1. Colorado Kratom Connection CKC 303


Location: 128 W 11th Avenue


Google rating: 4.7


This well-rounded smoke shop sells a wide range of Kratom products. Customers recommend it for having high-quality Kratom, which has consistent potency. Apart from Kratom, the smoke shop sells hemp rolling papers, glass pipes, and pocket-size scales. It mainly sells Kratom products, which has given it an edge over other smoke shops in the city. 


  1. The Bomb Head Shop


Locations: 5042 Federal Blvd, 4815 E. Colfax Avenue, 5210 Broadway


Google rating: 4.5


This shop sells several products, including Kratom, vape supplies, glassware, and CBD. It does business in several locations, meaning you can easily find one close to you. It also sells Kratom products through its website. 


  1. Myxed Up Creations


Location: 5800 E Colfax Avenue


Google rating: 4.5


This shop sells locally-made water pipes, glass pipes, and accessories. It also sells a wide range of Kratom products, rolling papers, vape products, CBD, and hookah. The other products you may find at this shop include candles, fun T-shirts, and novelty gifts. Customers recommend it for the quality, brands, and customer support they get at the shop. 


  1. Purple Haze Smoke Shop


Locations: 1951 S Broadway, 1355 Santa Fe Dr. Unit C, 1777 Larimer St Unit 102 B, 

2017 E Colfax Avenue


Google rating 4.4


Purple Haze is a well-known brand in Denver. The brand does business in multiple locations. It sells tobacco products, glassware, papers, vape supplies, Kratom, apparel, wraps, and CBD, among others. 


Purchasing Kratom Online


Besides physical stores, many online stores ship Kratom products to Denver, CO. Most people prefer buying products online because they can get them at lower prices. Online vendors do not have to pay utilities and other costs linked with physical stores. They pass on the savings to customers. Online vendors also tend to sell better-quality Kratom. 


Many online vendors go the extra mile to get an endorsement from the American Kratom Association. The qualification symbolizes that the vendor follows industry standards to sell Kratom of the best quality. The other benefits of buying Kratom online include:


  • Verified lab results
  • Superior quality
  • Accessibility even in remote locations
  • Greater variety of strains
  • Hundreds of customer reviews. 


Some Kratom vendors that ship to Denver, CO, include:


  • Austin Vibes
  • Kona Kratom
  • Star Kratom
  • VIP Kratom
  • Happy Hippo Herbals 
  • Kat’s Botanicals 
  • Remarkable Herbs 


Final thoughts 


While two cities in Colorado have banned Mitragyna speciosa, it is easily available in Denver. Still, Kratom products contain labels stating that they are not meant for human consumption. The shops we have listed are reputed and can meet your needs. 



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