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Why Kraken Kratom is a Great Place to Buy Kratom Products

If you have taken time to search for a legitimate Kratom vendor, you might have come across Kraken Kratom. This vendor has been around for several years now and many past customers have only positive things to say about it. In this Kraken Kratom review, you will learn everything you need to know about this vendor. Since the Kratom industry is not regulated, it is vital to buy your Kratom products from a reputable company.

The product offering at Kraken Kratom

When you visit the Kraken Kratom website, you will notice that the vendor sells a wide range of products like Kratom capsules, and powder. The vendor has even started offering Kratom extracts, which are unique.

The company stocks over sixteen different kinds of Kratom powder. This is more than many vendors offer. The powders come in different quantities such as 28 grams, 56 grams and 112 grams. Kraken Kratom sells a wide range of Kratom strains, which is welcome for consumers who like to switch between strains. It is convenient to be able to buy the strains one uses from the same reputable vendor.

Apart from selling different Kratom strains, this vendor also sells Kava. So, it meets the needs of consumers who prefer Kava too. Therefore, the product selection at Kraken Kratom is attractive to a wider range of consumers.

Kraken Kratom sources its products from different nations and regions. You can find Red Vein Thai, Maeng Da, Indo Kratom, Bali Kratom, Super Indo, white vein Borneo Kratom, and other strains at the site.


 According to the vendor, all the strains undergo strict quality control tests to ensure customers are satisfied. The products the site sells have also undergone testing for things like microbial safety and heavy metals. The vendor offers QC inspected, and lab tested grades of Kava and Kratom products. Quality control is vital and Kraken Kratom prioritizes on it, making it a great vendor. The Kratom at the site can provide you with the benefits and effects you expect from high-quality Kratom. The vendor also assures its customers that the products they buy from the site are safe for consumption.


The prices of the Kratom and Kava products at the site are moderate. However, some usually expensive strains may cost more than they do at other sites. Some consumers have complained that Kraken Kratom’s prices are higher than those of other vendors. However, prices fluctuate from to time and at times, it is to the advantage of buyers. Therefore, you can be on the lookout for when prices are optimal to buy a certain strain.

Customer support

The customer support at Kraken Kratom is great. You can reach the customer care team by email, phone and by live chat on the site, on most days, including weekends. After sending an email, you can receive a replay within serval hours. The customer care team is helpful and friendly.

Ease of purchase

The site has ecommerce features such as a useful search feature that makes it easier for customers to find the products they need. The site also displays new offers on the landing page, meaning that you can buy some products with one click. This is useful for customers who do not want to browse through all the products before they decide what to buy. If you have a good idea of what you want to buy, then you need not spend much time making your purchase.

You can pay for your order online using a credit/debit card or a check if that is what you prefer. The vendor also accepts bitcoin payments. The checkout process is fast, streamlined and easy to use. This vendor offers a better shopping experience than other Kratom vendors whose websites are a bit less automated.

Shipping and delivery

Kraken Kratom is enthusiastic about shipping products to customers in a timely manner. The vendor offers free shipping on all orders and has a same-day shipping policy. However, to get your order delivered on the same day, you have to place it before 2 pm. Customers who place their orders after 2 pm must wait until the following day for the order to go out. The vendor also provides a free UPS priority two-day delivery for orders over 199 dollars. Many consumers use Kratom to meet a variety of needs, and some include medicinal or therapeutic applications. Many consume Kratom to control pain. Therefore, it is great that customers’ orders can be shipped out on the same day they have placed them. Kraken Kratom assures customers of quick delivery and it ships its products even to destinations outside the United States.

Special offers

Kratom Kraken often puts out discounts, special offers and other promotional pricing for its products. At times, it offers a 20 or 30 percent off discount for products. Another great promotional feature is the vendor’s coupon codes that customers can share or post for extra points. Customers can get as much as 10 percent off their purchases if they share information about the vendor’s offers and products. You can collect Kraken Kratom coupon codes by first submitting your contact information so that your name is added to the subscribers mailing list and the coupons can be sent to you. The codes printed on a Kraken Kratom coupon apply to various products or current events. You should enter them as you check out the items in your shopping cart on the site. If the Kraken Kratom coupon code you are applying does not work, it is likely that the validity has expired or the discount could be only application on select products.

After-sales services

The returns policy at Kraken Kratom is decent. Also, if a mistake takes place with an order for any reason, the vendor can correct it quickly after you contact customer service.

Customer testimonials

From the many Kraken Kratom reviews online, it is evident that this vendor is legitimate. Most users say the quality the products is great, even if the prices are relatively high. Most customers of Kraken Kratom rate the vendor high on several points, which include:

  • Reliability – Many customers endorse the vendor for being reliable. This is essential, especially for people who use Kratom to manage health-related issues.
  • Products – Customers are satisfied with the variety and quality of the Kratom products available on the site.
  • Excellence of service – Many customers praise the vendor for its before, during and after sales services. They are satisfied with the interactions with Kraken Kratom.
  • Pricing – Kraken Kratom reviews show that customers are generally satisfied with the prices of the products and many inform their friends about the site.
  • Honesty- Kraken Kratom has a good reputation for being trustworthy.


In conclusion

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this Kraken Kratom review in regards to the most vital factors to consider when choosing a vendor. It is safe to buy from this vendor since it is professional, honest and it offers an easy buying experience. Kraken Kratom is both a retailer and wholesaler and its services are reasonably hassle-free.

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