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Yellow Kratom: What Do We Know About This Rare & Unique Strain?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree from the coffee family. It grows naturally in Southeast Asian countries where manual laborers have used it for years as an herbal medicine. Thanks to its tremendous therapeutic and recreational benefits, it’s distributed throughout the world through online stores. When looking for the best Kratom strains, chances are that you come across the most popular strains, such as red, white, and green-veined Kratom. But did you know that there’s a newly emerging strain of Mitragyna speciosa known as yellow-veined strain? If you are hearing this strain for the first time, you’ve come to the right place as here’s a comprehensive review about yellow Kratom? What you should know about this rare strain.


What is the yellow Kratom?


Yellow Kratom is a unique and rare Kratom strain, and the newest addition to the Kratom family. It was not available for sale until recently and when Kratom users discovered what it could do for their overall health. So what exactly is this yellow Kratom?

First things first, the origin of yellow Kratom is quite impressive. Typically, the mitragyna speciosa tree comes in three strains; red, white, and green-veined. This means that yellow Kratom is not cultivated but instead, it’s created. Kratom farmers and harvesters are secretive on how they produce the yellow Kratom, but we will share what’s available to help you understand this unique strain.

Yellow-veined Kratom is a derivative of white-veined strain and the distinguishing yellow characteristic is due to a special drying technique. Some other sources suggest that white and green-veined can as well be combined and then dried to make the yellow Kratom. Either way, the leaves are harvested and cleaned to remove any dirt, dust, and any other impurities. They are then run through a process famously known as photo-oxidation, where they are left to dry for as many as twenty days until they turn yellow. Depending on the farmers and the expected outcomes, the dried leaves can be fermented afterward. This process alters alkaloid composition, which in turn causes color change as well as the effects it produces.


How are yellow-veined Kratoms different from other strains?


As unique as it is, yellow Kratom is different from other strains in its taste and scent. According to experts, the unique drying process produces a strain with a somewhat strong taste. Whereas some people have no problem with the taste, others claim that it’s too strong for them and thus find it more palatable when mixed with foods, drinks.


Types of Yellow Kratom


Even though the yellow strain is a newer type of Kratom, they come in various types depending on the regions they are grown. Some of these types are hard to find, but it's recommendable to keep checking and buy your favorite strain as soon as it’s made available for sale. The following are the most common yellow Kratom strains available.


Yellow Kratom effects


As a blend of white and green-veined Kratom, yellow strain delivers a punch. What’s more, the unique drying process that makes this strain alters its alkaloid content making it more potent to offer outstanding effects as highlighted below.


1. Boosts sexual performance


Yellow Kratom may improve the blood flow throughout the body, including the penis. It also boosts energy and stamina, which in turn maintains an erection for a long time and provides the power needed during intimacy. What’s more, it increases body temperature and relaxes the muscles to help you perform better in bed.


2. Enhances visual perception


Did you know that Kratom can improve your visual perception? Well, existing research states that yellow Kratom has a blend of outstanding compounds that enhance visual acuity. Therefore, if you are having trouble reading or you’re experiencing blurry vision, yellow Kratom will help you out.


3. Boosts immunity


Let’s face it; a weak immune system cannot resist even simple infections like flu. Therefore, for you to enjoy life in all aspects and live a healthy life, you need a strong immune system that can protect your body from pathogenic organisms and foreign substances. For example, Isorhynchopylline and Isotreropodine are believed to stimulate your immune system.


4. Anti-inflammatory agent


Yellow Kratom has more than 20 alkaloids in addition to flavonoids, which have been proven to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Some of these alkaloids are Epicatechin and Rhynchophylline.


5. Promotes healthy heart


The active ingredients in the yellow-veined Kratom have been tested and proven to be good for your body’s hormones, blood vessels, and arteries. This strain can, therefore ease tension and stress.


Bottom line


Yellow Kratom is an interesting strain for its uniqueness. It provides long-lasting and tremendous effects that every user would want for a healthy living. What’s more, its high potency makes it a flexible strain that can work perfectly well for several symptoms. As unique as it is, it’s worth mentioning that yellow Kratom is rare to find and when making your purchase online, take your time and ensure that what you intend to buy is pure and of high quality.


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