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Yellow Vietnam Kratom - A Comprehensive Guide

People have used Kratom for many years, especially in the southern parts of Asia. They use it as herbal medicine and for therapeutic purposes. Unlike other countries that are well known for growing and exporting Kratom for many years, Kratom started being grown for commercial purposes in Vietnam just in the recent years.

In this Yellow Vietnam Kratom review, we cover most, if not all the things you need to know about this strain.


What is yellow Kratom?

Actually, yellow vein Kratom does not exist. There is nothing like Mitragyna speciosa leaves with yellow stems and veins. Instead, the yellow Kratom variety is achieved through a different production method. The method brings about a yellowish powder. This where the name yellow Kratom comes from.


Due to the rarity and novelty of yellow Kratom, few varieties are available. Yet, this might change in the future as many people discover and learn about its beneficial properties. This variety is either a differently dried Kratom, a blend, or a Kratom that is fermented. But this is based on where you get yellow Kratom from.


What is Yellow Vietnam Kratom?


Yellow Kratom is a Kratom strain that is extracted from the leaves of the Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) tree. This kind of Kratom strain is made and packaged into packages of powder or yellow Kratom capsules. The yellow Vietnam Kratom is grown in the Mekong Delta region in Long Xuyen.

vietnam mekong delta
It is also grown in Vietnam’s mountainous Mekong River region. People think that the region’s soil and climate make this strain have a peculiar taste, color, and effects. Yellow Kratom is becoming popular every day. Both experienced and new users of Kratom are fond of its calm soothing effects.


Different kinds of yellow Kratom exist, including the super yellow Kratom. The larger Kratom leaves are usually known to have more alkaloids.


The process of making Yellow Vein Kratom


The process of making yellow Vietnamese Kratom involves drying red or white leaves for a longer period. During this process, the cultivator subjects the leaves to an outdoor drying process. It involves putting the leaves various times in the sun and the shade.

vietnam kratom drying process

At times, the leaves are fermented in a unique way. Two elements give yellow Kratom its color. They include the drying process and the veins of the actual leaves. The process of drying the leaves brings a change to the color of the original product.

How is yellow Vietnam Kratom different from other Kratom strains?

Various differences exist between the yellow Kratom and other Kratom strains. Here are some of them.

  • Color- This is the major distinct difference between yellow kratom and other Kratoms. The yellow Vietnam Kratom powder is a name that is derived from the color of the strain as well as its origin. It is believed that the process used to dry the strain also contributes to the powder’s yellow color.
  • Sedation- Most Kratom strains have sedative effects, which are highly sought after by many users. Yet, the yellow Kratom has no known sedative effects, which makes it a unique strain.
  • Taste- Most Kratom powders have a bitter taste, which gives most users a hard time. Yet, the yellow Kratom is milder. Thus, you can swallow the powder with ease.

Yellow Kratom Effects


According to the anecdotal research we have come across, you can start experiencing the Vietnam Kratom effects about twenty to thirty minutes after taking it. The effects may last between four to six hours per dosage.


A yellow Vietnam Kratom review on Reddit states that yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of the best strains. Based on the opinions of users, the yellow Vietnam Kratom effects include:


  • Enhances mood 

    Users of yellow Vietnam Kratom say that it can work as an anti-depressant or a mood booster. They also say that it provides them with pleasant and balanced effects. This Kratom strain has 25% more alkaloids compared to Kratom strains found in other places like Thailand. Note that the efficacy of Kratom strains is largely determined by alkaloids. Once you consume the yellow Kratom, your mood will be elevated within a short time.


  • Increases mental clarity and focus 

    People who take yellow Vietnam Kratom claim that it increases the concentration. They also claim to experience a heightened focus. This strain has no sedative effects. This suggests that when you use it to enhance focus, you can achieve whatever you want.


  • May help with stress and anxiety

     In the opinion of monkeyropepress, yellow Vietnam Kratom helps users go through stressful and challenging times. Users claim it helps them achieve a state of calmness. People who experience social anxiety also claim that small doses of yellow Vietnam enables them to overcome their anxiety and interact more with others.


  • Analgesic 

    Most Kratom strains are known to be good in relieving pain. In the opinion of this site, Yellow Kratom acts on the pain receptors on the user’s brain and it takes away the pain in the user’s body. Although it acts as a pain inhibitor in most types of pain. Yellow Kratom is not as effective as the Indo Kratom varieties when it comes to relieving chronic pain. The benefit of using yellow Kratom for pain relief is that it does not cause drowsiness like other Kratom strains.


  • Boosts visual perception 

    According to some yellow Vietnam Kratom reviews, users have reported having a better visual acuity after using it. Although it has not been clinically proven, increasing visual acuity is one of the best properties of yellow Vietnam Kratom.


  • Physical relaxation 

    People have used yellow Kratom to bring about a properly-balanced physical therapy experience. According to kratomkrush, yellow Vietnam Kratom brings about a calm, soothing effect on the muscles and the whole body. This results in a physical wellbeing and the wonderful feeling of relaxation.


  • Induces euphoria 

    Like linacre.org reports, yellow Vietnam Kratom has euphoric effects. The Kratom sourced from Vietnam tends to be more potent than the Kratom sourced from other regions. So, you can feel its euphoric effects at lower doses.


  • Increases energy

    People often compare yellow vein Kratom to white vein Kratom. They do so because it shares its stimulating effects. Yellow Vietnam Kratom is not as potent as white Kratom. Yet, you can use it to replace coffee and maintain high energy levels during the day.

Usage Advice


Users of yellow Kratom should avoid taking the strain on an empty stomach. You should also be hydrated when taking this strain. Bear in mind that Kratom can cause dehydration. You should also take the right dosage when using powder or capsules.


It is also recommendable to seek advice from an expert when taking Kratom for the first time. With proper use, you can enjoy the properties of Vietnam Kratom. You will not experience adverse side effects.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom dosage guidelines

There is no way to determine the precise amount of yellow Vietnam Kratom a person should take. The reason for this is that each individual’s body chemistry and weight is different. Yet, there are accepted dosages that are now standardized. The following are the dosage recommendations for yellow Kratom based on comments and information gathered online:


1 to 2 grams – If you are beginning to take Kratom, 1 to 2 grams of this strain are ideal. People’s online reports state that you can expect to feel energized and experience increased focus with such a dose.

3 to 4 grams – This is the average dose that people who take yellow Vietnam Kratom use. According to online reviews, the yellow Vietnam Kratom effects you can experience after taking the dose include increased relaxation, energy, sexual endurance, raised awareness, and sedation.

5 to 6 grams – This is a potent dosage. Users claim that taking 5 to 6 grams of yellow Kratom helps in pain relief, restful sleep, and sedation.

7 to 10 grams – This a high dosage that can cause adverse side effects. This is especially the case for people who have not built a tolerance to Kratom. The comments we have come across on Kratom forums claim that for people who can handle this dosage, it provides the greatest pain relief. This is coupled with relaxation and heavy sedation.


The side effects of a yellow Kratom overdose


Overdoses on Kratom are rare. Yet, Kratom can cause adverse effects if people abuse it. The following are the possible side effects of taking more than 10 grams of yellow Kratom:


  • Dry mouth
  • Severe headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Mood changes
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Kidney problems

Yellow Vietnamese Kratom is a potent strain. Thus, you need to start with a low dose and increase it gradually. This way, you will not experience the adverse side effects of the strain. You will also benefit from the properties of yellow Vietnamese Kratom.

A comparison of yellow Kratom to other strains

Researchers have concluded that green, white, and red strains provide many effects and are useful for many purposes. Yet, more experienced Kratom users and seasoned connoisseurs tend to prefer yellow strains. These strains have a potent and unique alkaloid profile.


Yellow Kratom strains are new to the market. Yet, as many people discover their properties, they are gaining popularity and the consumer demand is increasing. Here is a comparison of yellow Kratom to other colors of Kratom strains.


Yellow Kratom versus white Kratom

According to the testimonials of users, yellow kratom tends to provide users with a longer period of pain relief than white Kratom. Users claim that it also offers a more heightened concentration and better mood. Kratom users often compare white vein Kratom with the stimulation one gets after drinking a mug of strong coffee.


Yellow Kratom versus green Kratom

Kratom enthusiasts claim that the effects of green Kratom are milder than those of yellow Kratom. Yet, the two are similar in terms of their alkaloid content and medicinal properties. According to kratomkrush, green strains provide mild pain relief and increased energy. Yet, yellow strains tend to provide better concentration and energy levels than green strains.

Yellow Kratom versus red Kratom

Red and yellow Kratom are similar. This is because most of the yellow Kratom is manufactured from red vein Kratom varieties. As reported by kratomkrush, red Kratom is excellent for relieving pain and relaxation. Yellow Kratom provides many of the same properties.

Yet, the properties are more enhanced because of the chemical structure found in yellow Kratom strains.

Yellow Kratom versus gold Kratom

Yellow Kratom and gold Kratom are both moderate varieties. Yet, they have some differences. Yellows yield properties like those of red strains while gold strains are closer to the white strains.


Who takes yellow Kratom?

According to kratomkrush, yellow Kratom provides pain relief. People who have mild pain can take it to relieve pain. Using yellow Vietnam Kratom for pain management is a viable solution. It contains high levels of the different alkaloids. They include mitragynine, 7-hydrocymitragynine, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine and mitraphylline among others.


People who suffer from insomnia can feel fatigued due to lack of sleep. They can take this train because it acts as a natural energy-booster.

What are the alternatives to yellow Vietnam Kratom?

If you are a beginner, yellow vein Kratom might feel too potent. Yet, you can still experience similar effects with a milder strain. If you are taking Kratom for stimulation purposes, Yellow Sumatra and Yellow Thai might do the trick.

If you are interested in Kratom for recreational purposes, Yellow Bali and Yellow Indo can create powerful feelings of deep relaxation and euphoria.


Is it worth it to try yellow Vietnam Kratom?


Yellow Vietnam Kratom has been recently added to the Kratom community. Yet, it has made a name for itself fast. Most users place this strain somewhere between white and green Kratom. This is a great strain to try if you are attempting to loosen your dependence on coffee or other energizers.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is not tough on the stomach. Many Kratom users usually complain of stomach upsets. Most people have complained of mild to serious stomach pain and constipation after taking Kratom. Vietnam Kratom is gentle on the user’s stomach.


Final thoughts

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a unique strain. The different methods used to dry the leaves are responsible for some of the effects of this strain. The popularity of this strain is bound to increase as it establishes itself further.

When ordering yellow Kratom, make sure the vendor is genuine and reliable. Kratom is under-regulated. This leaves room for some vendors to use artificial substances and fillers in the place of authentic yellow Kratom. They dilute the product and sell it to unsuspecting consumers. Thus, you need to choose lab-tested yellow Kratom.

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