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Green Malay (Super Green Malay) Kratom Powder

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green malay

Green Malay Kratom hails from the tropical and wet climate of Malaysia, which provides the perfect weather conditions for the Kratom tree to thrive. This strain of green vein Malay dates back centuries and has been grown and harvested by Malaysian farmers who handpick the best leaves. Its widespread popularity has found its way out of the dense forests of Malaysia to other regions of Southeast Asia such as Borneo, Thailand, and Indonesia where it is today, still the primary source of green vein Kratom in the world. 

Authentic Green Malay only comes from Malaysia, and it’s not be confused with other types of green vein strains like Green Sumatra, Green Riau, or Green Maeng Da, etc. Green Malay is very specific to the region it is grown, which is in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia. The Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) tree in this environment can grow 50 feet in height and produces the highest quality alkaloids in its massive leaves. Green Malay contains over 20 alkaloids with the two main ones being Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.


Benefits of Green Malay

Green Malay has many benefits starting with being a high-quality green vein Kratom strain where the utmost care goes into the growing and cultivation of Green Malay by experienced indigenous farmers. Green Malay is 100% organically grown by Malaysian farmers who do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides when growing the Kratom tree, which is also a sacred emblem among its local inhabitants.

The harvesters who are experienced at collecting only the best green vein leaves either climb the tree or use augmented cutting tools to harvest the alkaloid-rich Green Malay leaves by hand. Due to its global popularity, Green Malay is one of the most recognized green vein Kratom strains available in the marketplace.


Some other benefits of Green Malay include the following:

  • Sourced and harvested in Malaysia
  • High quality alkaloid-rich green vein leaf extract
  • Has a full range of alkaloids
  • Available in capsules or powder form
  • Pesticide and chemical-free
  • No preservatives or additives
  • 50-day money-back guarantee


Green Malay Honorable Mentions

As of late, Green Malay has been talked about and discussed in depth on authoritative medical websites such as Healthline and Mayo Clinic and has also seen a dramatic peek in interest on community forums like Reddit and Quora. Researchers and renowned scientists once reserved are now publicly speaking and commenting on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook about the benefits of the alkaloid-rich Green Malay Kratom. Green Malay is the most talked-about green vein Kratom strain on the internet.


Where to Buy 100% Genuine Green Malay

Being such a popular worldwide green vein Kratom product, it is readily available in most retail stores or online with a wide variety of suppliers. However, not all Green Malay Kratom products are as advertised. When it comes to buying 100% genuine Green Malay sourced from Malaysia, there are two questions that you need to ask yourself: One, does it come with third-party lab testing and secondly, does it come with a money-back guarantee? Here at Austin Vibes, our Green Malay does.

  • Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf
  • No added colors or additives


Customer Reviews

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Green Kratom Powder

After trying several different vendors I've found that the Austin Vibes offers, is the best I've come across. Fast shipping and great customer service. I would highly recommend them and they have a long term customer now with me.

This is so good

I love the 50g packages because they are the perfect size to take them to work. I usually take 2-3 different strains.

full time student with energy needs

After starting the semester strong, spending 12+ days on campus and studying, taking online classes and being a college athlete I began to feel the burn out. It became very difficult for me to keep going and performing well in my classes. I needed something natural that could help me with organic, smooth energy and Green Malay really helped me. I usually drink red bull but I feel the crash after 4-6 hours. When I take Green malay in the morning I don’t feel that. Its great as an alternative to coffee and other artificial energy drinks! Austin Vibes product was exceptional. The quality and price is just the best there is in USA. Their customer support exceeded expectations as well.

My 7 year vendor started delivering low quality kratom

I’ve been buying kratom for the same company for over 7 years and just recently they started being super inconsistent and the quality was very poor. I wasn’t sure if it was me because some friends suggested it was due to tolerance and that they had experienced the same in the past. I believed my friends, so I kept ordering from the same company for 2 months and last week I finally decided to order from Austin Vibes. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. It feels like when I just started taking kratom 7 years ago. Amazing quality and fresh, strong product!

PD. I usually don’t write reviews but I felt the need to let others know about it since they might be stuck with a low quality vendor

Good stuff

Green malay kratom powder is another go-to choice when the time comes to unwind at the end of my day. This malay powder has been potent enough to reliably relax my body and mind, but not so overwhelming that I am instantly ushered in to sleep mode.