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White TNT Kratom is dynamite and a handcrafted mixture of White Maeng Da, White Malay, and White Indo Kratom. It is designed to provide an enhanced chemical structure that combines the alkaloids from all three strains. While each respective strain contains a number of beneficial compounds, mixing them together alters the alkaloid structure and makes it more potent. It is also not uncommon for researchers to mix different colored strains together however, mixing nothing but three high-quality white-veined strains together results in a potent morning blend of Kratom.

White TNT Kratom is manufactured from the white-veined leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree from all three species. White Indo Kratom is grown and harvested throughout the tropical regions of Indonesia while White Malay Kratom is cultivated and manufactured in Malaysia. Leaving White Maeng Da, which is hybrid strain that mostly grows in the jungles of Indonesia and Thailand. White TNT Kratom is like hitting a grand slam because this strain literally knocks it out of the park.

Benefits of White TNT Kratom

The beneficial ingredients contained in White TNT Kratom include the alkaloids 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Mitraphylline, and Mitragynine as well as several others. Each of the three strains used for making White TNT Kratom are known for having an abundance of alkaloids and when combined, it provides an enhanced chemical structure that blows the competition away.

Many people who have bought White TNT Kratom have suggested that this strain rivals those of White Elephant, White Bali, and White Vietnam Kratom. They have also reported that White TNT Kratom is the perfect mixture for morning research and eliminates the buying and mixing of different strains to achieve the potency contained in White TNT Kratom; however, as they discovered doesn’t even come close.

White TNT Kratom also includes the following benefits:

  • A unique combination of alkaloids
  • Three potent strains in one
  • 100% ethically grown and harvested
  • Pesticide & chemical free Kratom
  • Only available at Austin Vibes

What Makes White TNT Kratom So Special?

First and foremost, this a House-Strain designed and distributed by the leading US Kratom vendor, Austin Vibes for researchers looking for a unique high-end white strain of Kratom. Secondly, the selection of these three strains play a vital role in the potency of White TNT Kratom because they are selected from the three white strains with the highest levels of alkaloids per mass when compared to other white-veined strains. And finally, the reason why White TNT Kratom is so special is because it is explosive.

Where to Get White TNT Kratom?

Since White TNT Kratom is an exclusive and specialty House Strain, it’s only available at Austin Vibes. We believe in providing our customers with the finest quality Kratom products with the most affordable prices. Our research and development team have spent years into the design and production of White TNT Kratom, which provides a nice balance of three popular white-veined strains into a stick of explosive TNT.

Here at Austin Vibes, we offer a wide range of Kratom products from powder to capsules and every product we stock and sell comes with a 50-day money-back guarantee, including our famous House Strain, White TNT Kratom. Buy it in confidence today at Austin Vibes and see what everyone is talking about.


  • Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf
  • No added colors or additives

100% Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf.

No added colors or additives.

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