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Green Maeng Da Crush Leaf Kratom

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Many kratom enthusiasts consider Maeng Da to be the strain against which all others should be measured. It is incredibly potent, and the green vein variety of this strain is known for its stimulating effects.

Green Maeng Da kratom powder and crushed leaves are derived from the same trees during the same stage of maturity. The hybrid strain was initially developed in Thailand but is now cultivated across Southeast Asia. It is prized for its high concentration of beneficial alkaloids and well-balanced, energizing effects. 

Those who have never tried Green Maeng Da kratom tea are in for a treat. This strain is as long-lasting as it is potent and deserves its title as "pimp grade" kratom.

What is Green Maeng Da?

Maeng Da strains were originally developed by cross-breeding classic strains. Before being turned into kratom powder or kratom tea, the leaves are hand-harvested, dried, and processed using Southeast Asia's secret traditional practices.

The farmers that produce kratom for Austin Vibes all use 100% organic, pesticide-free, and sustainable growing, harvesting, and curing practices. These traditional methods produce a kratom that is as pure as it is potent and helps protect the plant's beneficial alkaloids.

As a result of these sustainable practices, each Maeng Da batch that arrives from Thailand is unmatched in quality, purity, and strength. Austin Vibes lab-tests 100% of its Maeng Da to ensure that every purchase meets discerning customers' exacting standards.

Why Buy Crushed Leaf Green Maeng Da? 

Until recently, most Western consumers had little choice but to buy their kratom in powdered form. Now, they can also purchase crushed leaf kratom.

The benefits of buying crushed leaf Maeng Da kratom are many, and they include: 

  • A potentially higher concentration of alkaloids due to minimal processing
  • Ease of use for brewing kratom tea
  • Closer to the plant's original form
  • Useful for sub-lingual applications, which create fast-acting effects
  • Can be turned into powder as needed using nothing more than a coffee grinder

How to Brew the Perfect Maeng Da Tea

Brewing tea using crushed Maeng Da leaves is simple, and most tea drinkers will already be familiar with the process. Just add the leaves to a tea ball, let it seep in simmering water for up to 35 minutes, remove the ball, add sweeteners, and enjoy.

For best results, drink the tea on an empty stomach and add kratom potentiators like lemon juice for added strength.

Customer Reviews

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Love you guys! ♥️

Great strain for energy, mood, and focus. It has see me through many a cloudy day and deadlines. My go to for urgent remedies.

This is one of my favorites 🙂

Been taking kratom for over a year and this is by far the best kratom crushed leaf I’ve tried for pain and energy.
This is the most consistent company I have found with reasonable pricing.

very high quality kratom product

You guys shipped it so fast and the kratom is so fresh. Believe it or not, the taste of the maeng da green crush leaf is way better than any other kratom I’ve ever tried. You guys are the best.

Always good

Me and my wife love it for chill time at night. I normally don’t do reviews online, but from the get go this company amazed me with how friendly they were. Green maeng da crush leaf is the best. #1

my new favorite kratom tea

I'm trying everything and this is definitely a new favorite. Lots of energy and nice euphoria. Excellent service as usual .