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Red Kali Kratom is a rare and uniquely grown strain that hails from the tropical island of Kalimantan in Southeast Asia. Finding this strain can be a daunting task due to its limited availability. Red Kali like all other strains of Kratom is sourced from the Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) tree where it has been cultivated and manufactured on the island of Kalimantan for centuries. However, it is not traditionally grown in soil substrates like most Kratom trees are, and that’s what makes this strain stand out there and so rare.

The island of Kalimantan is quite large and mostly covered by mountainous terrain with rugged landscape. Therefore, a different technique is used to grow Kratom trees in this challenging environment. Indigenous purveyors and farmers grow Kratom trees in what are known as Dahas (agroforestry plots). Dahas are plots of land where grain was previously grown and harvested. In order for the Kratom tree to grow on the island of Kalimantan, crop rotation is required because the Kratom tree depends on the nutrients left behind in the soil from previous crops.

Benefits of Red Kali

Since Red Kali is a rotational crop, it often grows alongside fruit bushes and trees coupled with the rich grain deposits in the soil, which make Red Kali Kratom a very special strain indeed. It contains higher amounts of the main two alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine than most other best selling strains of red vein varieties do. Growing Red Kali in Dahas maximizes the alkaloid content propagated in the red-veined leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa.

The benefits also extend into the quality of the manufacturing practices that have been passed down by ancient relatives. The inhabitants of Kalimantan are expert cultivators and manufacturers of high-end Kratom products. They utilize an outdoor drying technique that consists of different times in the sun and shade before the red-veined leaves are ground into a fine powder and exported throughout the world.

Red Kali Kratom has many benefits including the following:

  • Potent but milder strain
  • High levels of alkaloids
  • Grown in agroforestry plots
  • 100% pesticide & chemical-free
  • Hand harvested and expert manufacturing

How Potent is Red Kali Kratom?

Red Kali has a unique genetic profile due to the medium in which it is grown and several beneficial alkaloids. When it comes to potency, Red Kali is considered by many to be a potent but milder strain. Meaning, the alkaloid content is superior as opposed to other red-veined strains of Kratom, but it offers a more well-rounded chemical structure. This is most likely due to its unique growing environment where grain deposits and other nearby vegetation creates a special ecosystem that can only be found on the island of Kalimantan.

Where to Buy Red Kali Kratom

Since Red Kali is a rare strain and production is limited on the island of Kalimantan, finding Red Kali in a convenience store is probably not going to happen. In order to find this rare strain, one needs to know where to look first. Fortunately for those who seek this coveted strain, Austin Vibes is a top Kratom vendor in the US and has the connections to get this rare strain for those who truly desire an elite red-veined strain such as Red Kali. Buy Red Kali today at Austin Vibes and get same-day shipping with a 50-day money back guarantee.

  • Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf
  • No added colors or additives

100% Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf.

No added colors or additives.

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