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White Maeng Da Crush Leaf Kratom

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Tea drinkers the world over love crushed Maeng Da kratom leaves. They're known for producing a highly energizing, focusing effect with a healthy dose of mood-boosting euphoria.

White Maeng Da is known as a supremely energizing kratom strain. It contains high concentrations of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which helps to offset the sedative effects of other alkaloids. These traits are not random. Maeng Da was created using cross-breeding with the explicit intention of creating a potent and long-lasting strain.

Whether consumers have tried Maeng Da kratom powder or they're totally new to the wonderful world of Mitragyna speciosa use doesn't matter. They can find out all they need to know about White Maeng Da kratom tea below.

What is White Maeng Da? 

Originally developed in Thailand, this impressive strain is best-known for its highly energizing effects. Kratom farmers across Southeast Asia, from Borneo to Sumatra and beyond, now cultivate it for sale on Western markets.

Maeng Da kratom is grown on small-scale farms that practice sustainable cultivation and ethical use. No chemicals or pesticides are required to help Maeng Da kratom trees grow and thrive. They're perfectly suited to the fertile soils and humid climate of Southeast Asia.

Once they reach the right maturity level, Maeng Da leaves are harvested by hand and processed using traditional techniques. Austin Vibes works with only the most highly respected farmers, but we still lab-test all our products to ensure they are free of contaminants and up to our customers' high standards.

Why Try White Maeng Da Tea?

A cup of White Maeng Da kratom tea is the perfect way to start any morning, and crushed kratom leaves are superior to kratom powder for this purpose. They contain no additives or preservatives and are closer to their original form. Plus, it's much easier to strain tea made with crushed leaves than kratom powder.

The Perfect Cup of Morning Tea is One Click Away

Maeng Da tea is straightforward to brew using crushed leaf kratom. All that's required is a tea ball, teabag, strainer, or piece of cheesecloth. Some tea drinkers even leave the Maeng Da leaf in the cup and use a matcha straw to enjoy their favorite hot beverage.

Anyone reading this product description has already completed the most challenging step: finding high-quality, crushed kratom leaves. All that's left is to place an order and wait for delivery. As with all our products, our White Maeng Da tea leaves are covered by a 50-day money-back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose by placing an order today.

Best Ways to Enjoy White Maeng Da Tea

The best time to enjoy a cup of tea brewed with any white vein kratom is the morning. This is especially true for White Maeng Da, which has a reputation for being intensely energizing and uplifting.

Some kratom enthusiasts report less of a bitter taste associated with crushed kratom leaf than powder. It may still be necessary to add sweeteners or lemon juice to the tea to cut the taste. Wait until it has cooled to add other ingredients.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    This is perfect for energy

    White Maeng da and all the white strains have helped change my energy level dramatically and I am so glad to have it!

    5 Stars, no complaints!

    Great for anxiety and a good nights rest. I will be back for sure✨


    This strain is purely beautiful. Gentle yet very energizing mind & body onset that leaves you feeling great and on top of the world! Highly recommend for day use such as an extra kick for work.

    I give AV a 5 stars

    Really nice, clean energy. Fantastic sense of well-being throughout the day.
    My anxiety and depression have noticeably diminished.

    super happy and satisfied

    When I first started crush leaf kratom it would last all day. Great stuff – would purchase again!